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William Joseph Doerr Born

Well our dear William Joseph was born on February 17th at 5:40 PM.  He weighed 5lbs and was 19" long. 


My wife had high blood pleasure which required the doctor to take the baby early.  He was 35 weeks when he was born.  After a day at the hospital the doctors said he was not doing as well breathing as we had hoped so we had to have him transferred to Primary Children’s, where Bryce spent his days following his two strokes.  Currently he is in the NICU and is making steady progress.  He has gone from being on a respirator, to a CPAP machine, To a stream of oxygen, to breathing normal air.  At this point we just need for him to start eating on his own and gaining weight before we can bring him home.

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Marry Christmas and status on Bryce

As I have told anyone who knows me my son Bryce had two strokes a couple of months ago.  Since then we have had many concerned friends, well wishers, and people interested in how he is doing.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers, fasting, positive energy, and even just your kind words.  It is all very appreciated and I know Bryce would not have made the progress he has with out them.  I wanted to give everyone an update on where Bryce is in his progress as well as let everyone know how things are progressing in general.


Bryce had an expected minor downturn (the therapist said due to the nature of his problem we would see a lot of ups and downs in his progress) in the month of November.  He had quite a bit of trouble focusing on his therapy and doing what he needed to do to get better.  Since then he has made quite a bit of progress (last couple of weeks).  The occupational and physical therapists are very happy with much of the progress he has made in the last couple of weeks.  The physical therapist has cut back the number of visits necessary due to the fact that he has made so much progress recently in his walking.


It is still sad to see a young boy who was so focused and tasked oriented so easily distracted by little things.  Some days you wouldn’t even think he had a stroke.  Other times it is so obvious you can’t help but notice.


Ever since I hooked up the XBOX 360 he has really taken to it.  He is (as I had hoped) using both his hands to play.  He really enjoys Kameo and has made a decent amount of progress for a 5 year old who just had two strokes.


Earlier this week he was evaluated for a special preschool to help prepare him for kindergarten (if he is to start next year).  It was kind of a mixed blessing.  He scored so low in several of the areas they tested him on that there was no doubt that he qualified for the program.  That being said he scored very low in several important areas of development and it is a stark reminder that we have a lot of work to go.  He starts his new pre-school on the 4th of January.


We also as a part of his therapy just got our first cat "Midnight".  He has really gotten attached to the cat, sometimes too attached. If the cat survives the next few months of Bryce and Logan I will be impressed.  I have come to the realization that cats aren’t too bad and I even catch Tiffany cuddling with it from time to time.  Something I couldn’t imagine even just a month ago.


Tiffany is still doing most of the work with Bryce in spite of her being 6 months pregnant.  However I really believe that my being home has made a significant difference with all of them.  And although I miss all my friends and acquaintances at Microsoft and in Washington I know I am doing the right thing being here.


I will try to get some photos up from time to time and update this web site more frequently to keep everyone up to date.


Thanks again for everything

I wish everyone a very happy holiday season may it be as happy as the one I am having here with my family.

Merry Christmas


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Back from vacation and work trip + San Diego Comic Con

OK so I haven’t had an opportunity to keep up with the blog lately but I have a good excuse.  I was on vacation and then out visiting Sigil Games in San Diego.  While I was in San Diego I also had a chance to sneak in to the San Diego Comic Con.  (Sorry no pictures)  Anyway I was fairly impressed this being my first exposure to the comic con.  What a huge venue.  I was very impressed with the Lucas Arts area.  I saw a lot of fairly impressive titles including Xmen Legends 2.  Ultimate Spiderman looked like it had a lot of potential.  The new hulk looked basically like the old one.  Sony was showing Kingdom of Hearts 2 nothing really special.  Lucas Arts was showing Star Wars Episode 3 (video game)  so there was a lot of stuff that wasn’t really new there but I did win a t-shirt at the Lucas Arts area.  I was fairly impressed with several of the costumes I saw there.  There was a storm trooper samurai that I was very impressed with and a really amazing General Grevis.  Plus a fairly cool Major Maxum.

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Phyacia’s Trip to Booty Bay

So ever since I was 16 I told myself that I wanted to see Booty Bay before I die.  The bad news is I died before I ever got to see it.  The good news is I woke up in the grave yard a day later without a care in the world.  I mean I know I have all these new responsibilities like running all over Lordaeron doing errands for everyone.  “Hay Phyacia run over here and grab me some essence of ear wax.”  “Hay Phyacia go snag this evil tome from Master Dillhole.”  “Phyacia I need some poop flung by a monkey to make this new potion”


Well I quickly realized that I needed some “Me” time and headed over to Booty Bay.


It was everything I had hoped.  As soon as I arrived I noticed that they had a ton of actors all dressed up in the Pirate theme. 


The water looked so nice I decided I needed a swim.  I must admit I was able to see a lot more underwater now that I am not bothered with that whole breathing thing.


Next I took a moment to ponder the meaning of my unlife.  It really didn’t take too long for me to become really depressed.  So I did the only thing I could.  I went shopping.


There were lots of great shops in Booty bay.  I got some nice draperies for my crypt when I get back.  I also got a couple of nice (and not so nice) outfits.


Next it was time to hit the nightlife.  The locals weren’t very accommodating but the wine was strong so I didn’t mind so much.  I woke up the next morning and found out that I had had WAY too much to drink.


I decided I had better charter a flight and head home before the ointment of gnoll puss I gathered on the way went bad and the Lord High Asshat got pissed.

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Start of my new blog

Well this is the start of my new blog.  I will be posting on various subjects in this blog but the ideas are all mine and no one else.  Because I work for Microsoft in their games group I should make an early disclaimer that nothing I write on this blog represents official information from Microsoft Corporation or any development studio Microsoft works with on any of their many games.  Don’t ask me to expound on anything related to any games Microsoft game studios is working on because I can not and will not.  I would refer you to the official Microsoft game site for the latest information on any title we are working on.  www.microsoft.com/games

This blog will be about all kinds of things that interest me.  I will post things relating to my faith and religion (I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  I am particularly interested in ancient scripture and archeology.  I am a big fan of the works of Hugh Nibley and the F.A.R.M.S. organization (Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies) http://farms.byu.edu/.  My faith is the most important thing in my life followed very closely by my family. My career, games and all the other things I enjoy fall someplace after that.  In addition to thing relating to my faith I will also discus games of all sorts.  some comic book stuff, stuff about book series I like especially Harry Potter, Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander series, Movies especially Star Wars, Archeology, History, Heroclix.

Forgive me if I do not spend extensive time on my family.  As a family we enjoy our privacy and I do not wish to jeopardize it by elaborating on my family extensively.

Dundane is my favorite D&D Character and is also my gamer tag anywhere I care to play.  This is called Dundane’s cave because my character many years ago rooted out a great evil from a cave.  Once done I liked the cave so well that I decided to make it mine.  So all the treasure and everything from all my adventures in my secret cave.  Thus the name of my blog.

I am planning on posting screen shots from World of Warcraft which is the current obsession of both me and my wife.  In addition I will be making journal entries for each of my characters as I play them.  I will introduce you to each of my characters as I play and journal their activities.


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